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Six Questions duo for violin and percussion  (2000]

Program Notes

Commissioned by the Switzerland’s Marrs/Dobrzelewski Duo, Six Questions is written in the form of a theme and six brief variations. The theme, an original phrygian melody, has a sober, pensive character. Each variation, usually approached without pause, to my ear is like some kind of reaction, or insight, or question prompted by the theme. The specific outline is:


Theme: Espressivo


Variation One: Misterioso


Variation Two: Giocoso; solo violin transition


Variation Three: Delicatamente; espressivo


Variation Four: Semplice, with growing intensity


Variation Five: Agitato


Variation Six: Con Spirito




Coda: Delicatamente

Six Questions has been performed by the Marrs/Dobrzelewski Duo (Switzerland), Composers, Inc. San Francisco), Tempo (Los Angeles) SyZyGy (Oregon), as well as faculty and graduate student recitals at University of Montana, Temple University, San Francisco Conservatory, and Hartt Conservatory.


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