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Nocturne piccolo and piano (1985)

Honorable Mention in the National Flute Association's 2013 Best Newly Published Music Competition.

Program Notes

Written in 1985 for Eldred Spell, my Nocturne explores the very expressive, yet rarely heard low register of the piccolo. It is a succinct work, conveying a mood of tenderness mixed with resignation.


A little more background regarding Nocturne

In graduate school at Michigan State University I became close friends with the wonderful flutist Eldred Spell. We gave a number of flute/guitar recitals, and I learned much about composing for his instrument. In 1982 I wrote my very challenging Variations for Flute and Piano for Eldred. After performing it many times and then recording it he said: "You know I've worked like a dog for you and you owe me. I want another piece, one for my piccolo. It has to emphasize the gorgeous low register and be easy enough to sight read." He didn't leave me the option to say no.

Available at ALRY Publications. Click here to listen/watch piccoloist Christine Beard and pianist Stacie Haneline play Nocturne.  Duration 5:00

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