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Odds and Ends


I love playing chamber music on classical guitar. Here's a performance of me and my Saint Mary's College colleague Patrice Hambelton playing Entr' acte by Jacques Ibert.

I also enjoy  occasionally giving pre-concert talks to audiences. I gave one recently for the Gold Coast Chamber Players and was surprised the reviewer even paid attention:


The Gold Coast Players’ new concert season opened last weekend with two performances of “Hungarian Strings.” As preconcert speaker Martin Rokeach mentioned in his informative and most entertaining introduction, the concert may well — and perhaps even more appropriately — have been called “Hungarian Passion” or “Hungarian Soul.” This brings me to just about the only bit of criticism about the concert (other than the hall’s noisy air conditioning system): It would be wonderful if Rokeach could collect some of his thoughts and insights in a few written paragraphs, to serve as program notes for the entire audience to enjoy, not just for those lucky enough to catch his talk.

San Francisco Classical Voice

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