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Rokeach revels in the particular sonorities of the piccolo — particularly its sweet-toned, rather vulnerable low register, which is worlds away from the piercing shrillness with which it usually blasts its way through an orchestral texture. And he lavishes the solo part with care and solicitude. San Francisco Chronicle (To read the complete review click here.)

The Oakland Symphony gave the first performance of this vivacious new work for one of the orchestra’s most underappreciated instruments. Mercury News (To read the complete review click here)

Click here to watch/listen to Belgian piccoloist Tiago Silva perform the reduced version for piccolo and piano (published by ALRY).

    Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra

The Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra was premiered March of 2016 by the Oakland Symphony, with Michael Morgan conducting and Amy Likar the featured soloist. To listen click here to go to the symphony's archive of past performances and scroll down (just past Rachmaninoff's Symphonic Dances).

Martin Rokeach with Music Director Michael Morgan and concerto soloist Amy Likar

All in all, Rokeach created a highly appealing, imaginative work

that other orchestras should assay. ArtsSF (To read the entire

review click here)

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