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This work was commissioned in 1999 by the Music Teachers Association of California and subsequently awarded Second Prize in the International Clarinet Society'scomposition competition for new clarinet music. An audience-pleasing concert-opener, Can't Wait has been performed many times throughout the United States and United Kingdom by the Wyck Trio (U.K.), the Webster Trio (Houston),  New Dischord (Chattanooga) and numerous ad hoc ensembles. The outstanding trio Strata recorded the work on the Arizona University Recordings label. It is published by Northeastern Music Publications.

Can't Wait for violin (or flute), clarinet and piano



Program Notes

Did you ever feel so excited to do something you didn’t think you could wait, but you had to wait anyway? To my ear, this is the feeling that drives the piece. MR

"Tuesday evening's stimulating concert by the members of Composers Inc. got off to a flying start. The opening piece was Martin Rokeach's Can't Wait, its sputtering repeated notes, sudden chordal interruptions, and fitfully charging textures designed to show off the virtuosity of Strata, the trio for which it was composed." San Francisco Classical Voice

Listen to Strata (James Stern, violin;

Nathan Wiliams, clarinet; Audrey

Andrist, piano) play Can't Wait.

Duration 6:45

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